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Alta Falls

Fresh on the scene, this Brisbane based band was in need of a vibrant, modern mark to front their duo.  



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Arial is a typeface that has been around for years. Arguably a little old fashioned, in its uppercase form, the simplistic letterforms were a near perfect pairing for our geometric triangles. With some minor tweaks this old faithful was perfect for the job.

A Modern Brand for a Fresh New Band

Home grown Brisbane duo, Alta Falls, reached out to Red Kite as they set out on their quest to establish themselves on the Australian music scene, writing and producing their latest album. 

Their contemporary and soulful Indie sounds are one hundred percent originals, pieced together by front man Nathanael and pianist Matt, and performed by the band at gigs across Brisbane. 

The duo have collaborated together over the years in several musical ventures. Whilst some of those have run their course, Alta Falls shows the promise to take them to the next level, and bring the guys well earned National recognition. 

Before the launch of their new album, and the push for a wider audience, Alta Falls were in need of a symbol to front their campaign. 

With a youthful audience and the highly competitive nature of the music business our goal was to create an emblem that was modern, instantly memorable and synonymous with the style of music the band aims to create.

Creating an Emblem for Alta Falls

The core focus of our new logo was simplicity and versatility. Being forward thinking, merchandising is a big earner for musicians, so the ability to place our mark on everything from a tiny sticker set to the side of a stadium was an important factor. 

Keeping a logo simple means detail is not lost and the symbol is still recognisable no matter how small it is, or what it is placed on. It also makes the mark easier to recall after only a short glance. 

After some experimentation with different styles we chose to create a combination mark, where the name of the band is incorporated into the symbol. We contained this within a simple geometric shape, in this instance a triangle. Its symmetrical nature would allow it to site nicely within other shapes, and as it will often be seen in the centre of a badge, CD, vinyl or drum kit (all spherical) this was important. 

Arial font was chosen due to the simplicity of its letter forms, but edited to blend seamlessly with the scattering of triangles making up the A's in our pyramid. Finally we highlighted these elements with splashes of bright primary colours, to bring our logo design to life. 

Alta Falls now have a symbol that we are confident will appeal to their target audience as much as their music, and make them literally stand out from the crowd at festivals around the country very soon.  

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