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The Breakfast Club

This fun & ambitious society were cooking up a storm on the social scene and in need of a funky brand to match. 



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

We chose to use Nickainley as the main font in our logo because of its playful and decorative nature with a dash of hipster vibes. The fonts curves and calligraphy allowed for it to be seamlessly woven into our frying pan border. 

A New Logo for the Most Important Meal of the Day

The Breakfast Club started as a bit of fun for a group of friends in Nottingham, England. Every time one of them sat down for a full English breakfast, they would take a photo, and post it to their Whatsapp group for friends and fellow Breakfast enthusiasts to admire. Each breakfast was critiqued in great detail, and scored accordingly.

What started as a bit of fun carried on for years. Since 2016! Eventually it spread beyond the group of friends, and even made it on to local radio. Realising that the full English breakfast was held in high esteem not only by themselves, but by men and women worldwide, founder David Sharpe decided it was time to make it official, and a logo design was needed before opening their doors to a wider audience.

David approached Red Kite Design in need of a logo that epitomised everything that this blossoming social society stood for; food, fun and the full English breakfast.

Our goal was to create a symbol that was youthful, modern and in keeping with the ever growing and increasingly hip foodie market.

Cooking up the Logo

Creating a logo design for The Breakfast Club was not your every day brief, and a fun project to work on. With a tag line like 'The Breakfasts of Chumpions' this logo was always going to be on the more playful end of the spectrum, so that is exactly the audience we were aiming for.

Whilst being a bit of fun, we still wanted the logo to appear modern and legitimate, with a style that would look right at home amongst the latest wave of hip laneway eateries and gastronomic food trucks.

We settled on a badge style emblem, with a focus on unique and highly stylised typography. The cursive font used for the word 'Breakfast' sits at the forefront of the logo, top of the hierarchy, and a clear identifier for what the club is all about. The word flows in a continuous line forming a frying pan which neatly frames the remaining content. A fried egg is nestled amongst the letters as what Dave assures me is the most important part of the dish.

The final outcome is a fresh, modern, yet rustic symbol to carry The Breakfast Club forward on their expanding social media campaigns.

David Sharpe

I contacted Chris at Red Kite with a list of what must have been about thirty ‘design ideas’ written on a napkin from me and the boys. With no experience in design or marketing I didn’t really know what I was talking about but thankfully Chris did! He made sure I was involved throughout the whole creation process, explained what he was doing and when, and perhaps most importantly managed our expectations. There were a couple times where some of the ideas we’d had weren’t right for the design but when these cropped up Chris made sure to explain why they might not be the right fit and offered different suggestions to improve the design. He ultimately left the ‘executive decisions’ up to me but once he’d explained his thought process I was more than happy to follow his expert advice. And the results speak for themselves! 

Thanks to Chris we ended up with a cracking logo that we’re proud to call our own. If we’d gone with a ‘yes-man’ or more impersonal service I dread to think what we might have ended up with. But as it is, with the skills and guidance of Chris I’ve got four blokes here who started out with a lot of very different ideas but are all absolutely made up with the end result. Cheers Chris!



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